1. r129co

    R129 SL repairs and maintenance

    Hi guys and girls We are now offering a repairs, maintenance, detailing and restoration book-in service, for the R129 SL, at our garage in the southeast, in Kent. More information on that at our website here. I would like to ask - what problems related to the R129 SL have you had, or had heard...
  2. r129co

    R129 SL Repair, Restoration and Fitting service

    Hi there, my SL parts company R129 Co are now offering interior repairs, electrical and engine diagnostics and repairs, and parts fitting, from here in our premises in Kent, 25 miles off the M25. We've been working with the R129 SL and W140 S Class for over a decade and are confident we can...
  3. S

    Personalised numberplate for sale "L600 CLK"

    Hello all, I own a 2002 CLK (2.3 Kompressor) with the numberplate L600 CLK. I was wondering if anyone out there has a CLK of their own and would be interested in this numberplate? The car itself runs, drives and has an MOT to April, but otherwise is in fairly poor condition, so there are 2...
  4. ChrisKnottIns

    2017 Virtual Show & Shine Competition :: Chris Knott

    2017 Virtual Show & Shine Competition :: Chris Knott/MBO Insurance Hi, It's been a couple of years since we last ran a Virtual Show & Shine competition on social media so we'd love to offer one again this Summer with a fitting prize up for grabs. HOW TO ENTER Simply post pics of your car on...
  5. L

    [Spares] Quick Detailer, Wheel Cleaner,Wheel Wax, Paint Sealant Bundle by Wonder Wheels

    1. Wonder Wheels Top Gloss Detailer NEW £4 RRP £8 2. Wonder Wheels Super Wheels Wax NEW £4 RRP £8 3. Wonder Wheels Paintwork Sealant NEW £5 RRP £10 4. Wonder Wheels Paintwork Sealant 90% £4 RRP £10 5. Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Cleaner NEW £6 RRP:£12 Bundle Price: £20 Collection from...
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