1. JensH

    DIAVIA A/C: 1995 (W124) E280 Estate

    Following previous postings about my DIAVIA after-market A/C system, often fitted to late W124s, to save the exorbitant cost of MB factory installed system, I am pleased to say that I finally managed to track down not only an appropriate full wiring diagram, but also a complete set of...
  2. JensH

    W124 '95 E280: A/C Oddity!

    I have an odd thing going on with my DIAVIA dealer-fitted air con. Having had a new re-gas, to 850 Kg, the system now doesn't kick in as it should, with middle 'EC' button off and the A/C default being on. Instead, in order to start the compressor, I have to depress and light up the...
  3. JensH

    W124 '95 E280 4 Speed Auto Estate, Diavia A/c Issues

    I posted a short novella on the after-factory Diavia ECU-MAN System a few months ago, having got mine working well. I have two queries: Symptoms: 1 My recirculation button flashes permanently (apart from when recirculation is engaged when it is constant as normal) - has been doing this for...

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