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    Teleatlas travelpilot dx Satnav disc help please

    Hi all, I desperately need to replace the satnav cd in my 2001 C220. I have the command 2.0 head unit and it uses the DX platform. The disc I have is the 2004 issue and I'm finding more and more that some of the routes on it are totally out of date. Anyone know of the best place to get a 2014 disc?
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    Sat nav disc for my SL500

    Hi guys, I'm new here, but I would like an answer for my question. I'll introduce myself later, but right now I'm after an answer. I have just bought a lovely SL500 for myself. Amazing to think that it is over £90,000 new for the version I have bought! But it is a 2003 car, and it...
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    Removing stuck brake discs - tip (W211)

    I've just replaced the front discs on my S211 with Pagid ones from ECP (great price & service btw, thanks!). One of the discs came off with no problem, but the other was firmly stuck to the hub. Most of the internet seemed to be advocating the use of successively larger hammers to remove it...
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    Disc Brake conversion 508D

    Hello there. Could someone advise me please. I would like to replace the front axle on my 1984 508D van, with a more modern one with disc brakes. From which exact model will i be able to find an axle that will fit correctly. Any clues and advise gratefully received. Many Thanks in...
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    CD player problem

    E200, 1.8 petrol, 2004, Avantguard. My car has a single player and a 6 disk changer, the latter working fine. The single player wont accept a CD, can show it is ejecting a CD but nothing comes out, wont let a new one in. Are these easy to examiine/ repair? Special tools needed? Any idea...
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