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  1. Jarlath

    Sprinter 4x4 Rear Diff Noise

    Have a 2006 (old type) 311 4x4 which is ex Scottish Power. Ran fine for a few months then a very loud noise from rear diff. Cannot find anybody to repair or repalce same in this part of the world. Can I simply replace with a diff from standard 311 or is it unique to the 4x4 ? Any help and I...
  2. S

    A-Class - W169 - Heavy vibration when accelerating.

    Hello and thanks in advance for any suggestions with regard to this issue. Our A-Class 160CDI SE has now competed some 112,000 miles and is 06 registered. I regularly swap from summer to winter tyres. In late April we switched back to the summer set of tyres and soon afterwards began...
  3. B

    E320 cdi Shudder/Vibrations

    Hi Guys, I have an 03 E320 (w210) CDI estate with 151k miles. I have just had the center bearing & gearbox mounting replaced & their is a strange vibration coming from the rear of the car when I accelerate from a stopped position only, it disappears after a few seconds but it also causes the...
  4. S

    W169 A-Class CVT Diesel - No Transmission

    I am looking for any suggestions as to a fault I encountered today. On starting the car and selecting R I moved a metre and heard a clunking noise and moved no further. Selecting D or R sees no engagment and the car remains in one spot. There are no indications on the dash of any fault...

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