driver airbag

  1. SamF

    The Squib for pelvis airbag ‘driver’ has a malfunction. There is a short circuit to ground.

    Hello everyone, just joined, first post. If anyone can shed some light for me I’d be so grateful! SRS light came in, independent mechanic changed seatbelt tension era and a bunch of other things. Got the light off for a few weeks. He unplugged and reconnected under the seat and cleared the...
  2. G

    Driver airbag ignition squib 1 - B0001

    Hi All, I have a 2016 A class was driving yesterday and unfortunately the SRS light came on. I read the fault code using Delphi, result was fault code B0001 - Driver airbag ignition squib 1. Can anyone advise on where the ignition squib is located please or has anyone solved the problem before?
  3. G

    2003 W220 SRS fault Drivers Airbag code 9103

    Hi I have a problem with my car fault code 9103 resistance to high at drivers airbag squib. Its not the clock spring as that has being replaced. Have read there are repair looms for other models but have not seen one for the W220. Are they generic? Anyone else have this problem? Regards

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