e270 cdi

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    2005 E270 CDi - heater blowing cold air only

    As above. Just as the weather takes a turn for the worst, the heater decides to only blow cold air. Everything else appears to be in order. Any suggestions? thanks
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    W211 E270 CDI - How to replace heater shut-off valve?

    Hi All My 2003 E270 CDI has stopped blowing hot air through the vents irrespective of the setting on the heater controls. Looks like the heater shut-off valve motor and I have tried the "give it a good tap" fix mentioned in several threads but hasn't worked. Now our brief summer is over i...
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    Black smoke

    Hello again am having trouble with my e270 w211, i have noticed that the car is puffing out black smoke when accelerating can also feel a slight loss in power also there is a noise of air being sucked in when accelerating any ideas what it could be? Thanks

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