1. ptruswell

    W211 E280 Estate: rear air-suspension

    Please can other owners advise... My 15-year-old W211 estate is showing it's age in body and, more importantly and potentially costly, in the rear air-suspension department... My mechanic in Macclesfield (Cheshire) advises me that the so-called 'air bag' units that are used instead of...
  2. I

    2007 w211 e280cdi Eis repair

    Hi all, thankyou for the add, I have a 2007 w211 e280cdi, the key fails to turn in the ignition, sometimes it will turn 1st time sometimes you have to try many times, once the key turns and I start the car everything is perfect, iv tried the steering lock emulator and that didn't help at all, iv...
  3. O

    Hunting cruise control on 2006 E280cdi

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone would have an idea what may be up with my fathers car... He recently had two new front tyres fitted and I noticed shortly after that when hi has the cruise control on the car was hunting around. I have now had a chance to have a drive myself and noted...
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