1. W124131

    W124 1995 E300D Suspension

    Hi folks, Just bought or rather rescued quite a nice car as above. Above the suspension upwards all round the car is in decent condition, the suspension is quite corroded and N?S rear knocks over the slightest bump. I've ordered a full set of the rear suspension arms ( 4 each side ) but I...
  2. B

    W124 E300D 1994 - Power Loss Uphill/50mph+

    Hello. I bought a 1994 E300D (OM606.910) a few weeks ago and have been driving it trouble free, until one day on the motorway (70 mph) the revs dropped and I started slowing down. I pulled over and the engine spluttered to a stop as if running out of fuel, despite having half a tank left...
  3. V

    E300 Estate rust boot with free holes!

    :confused: I have just bought a nice L plate '94 124 24v E300 diesel estate. :D Lots of history and engine plus interior and electrics all good. Unfortunately the dreaded leaky rear end has meant some good size rust holes in the rear, under the locking mechanism... Beyond custom...

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