1. M

    Buying 2017 E350 E Plug in worth it?

    I have C220d and love it. Got a Lexus hybrid as well which has been very good to me . Now I am thinking to go for PHEV E350 2017 100K miles but getting mixed bag reviews. Hybrids so far have been very good for me but that was Japanese never tried with Merc … which I really wanted but not...
  2. C

    C350e help car will start in hybrid mode but won’t go back

    Hi all new here I drive a 2016/66 plate c350e I baught the car a while back and since this problem has occurred it will start and drive in hybrid / e mode no problem but as soon as petrol engine kicks in I get malfunction warning and car will not go back into hybrid mode on diagnostic it sais...
  3. shankar

    E350e Home charging cable

    Hi There, I am a new owner to the E350e plugin hybrid club. The 3 pin charger is not long enough to each my car. Is there any extension I can buy to extend the charging cable or do I need to need to buy a new longer one? If yes, could someone point me to the right place pls?
  4. A


    Hi everyone, Just joined! I bought 2017 E350e last year from Mercedes Dealer low mileage just over 10k, engine management lights keeps on coming on. I reported it few times and I was told as long as you don’t have message on service menu, the light Will Just disappear. It does disappear...
  5. D

    E350e production delays?

    I've had a new e350e on order through my company car scheme since around April. I have recently been told that there is still no build slot allocated and an expected delivery date is now 30 January 2018 (originally estimated at 10.October 2017). I am told there is a 'heavy restriction on the...

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