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    Hidden AMG - s124 how can i be sure?

    Hi, I have had my S124 for five or so years now and love it to bits. When I first got it it came totally un- badged. In the first month of having it, I came back to it in the car park and saw someone poking about. Turns out he was an enthusiast who just loved them, he told me it was an E36 and...
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    New Member - E36 AMG 1996

    Hi All, First time on the forum. I have a 1996 E36 AMG, and although is in great condition, is starting to age and am thinking of putting this up for sale. The dilemma being that I'm not sure how to price this. As it is one of a handful in the UK left, and only a few hundred made in the...
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    Advice required on value of unusual car - W124 E36 estate

    Hi everyone, As many of you know back in February i became the rather proud owner of an E36 which was due to be crushed under the scrappage scheme. Thankfully i managed to get in there before the deal was done and saved the car by matching the £2k the chap would have got from the scrappage...
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    S124 E36 AMG - saved from the scrappage scheme

    Hello everyone. New member, been here a few days now, but finally collected my car on Friday. It was due to be scrapped against a new Audi A6 and i managed to find out in time to save it. Less than 200 W124 E36s were made, and in rhd they were: 24 coupés 14 cabs 12 saloons 7 estates...

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