1. M113K

    Looking into purchasing a Mercedes.

    Hi all, New to the forum and Mercedes. After years of owning large Vauxhall’s such as Carlton GSi, Senator 3.0 24v and lately Omega’s and I still have two 3.2 V6 Elite models. I feel like a change. I’ve been looking into various brands and vehicles.. Such as Jaguar S Type R, XF SV8...
  2. R

    Hello from Wales

    Hi all, Just an aspirational MB owner at the moment (I covet the W210 E55 AMG) and I'm looking forward to chat with as many of you as possible in the near future. Roger
  3. 1

    Potentially breaking a S210 E55

    Hi all, Just been offered a E55 wagon but the body is too rusty for me. Engine and gearbox are fine (done 202k) and can be heard running. Interior is fine as far as i'm aware. Oh, it has also had a LPG Conversion. I will hopefully know a bit more this weekend. If there are enough folks on...
  4. M

    E55 w210 Radiator

    Can anybody help? I need to replace the main radiator in my E55 (W210) which burst last night. Any help would be appreciated! Kind Regards Mustard
  5. H

    Another n00b

    Hi I'm new here Not new to Mercedes had... let me see... Five? '78 230CE '88 200T '93 E220 T model '99 E320 T model And now an E55 Estate in black with all black interior Always done my own work and had great experiences with all the cars which ran to crazy mileages and all the...
  6. M

    E55 Suspension - Help!

    Can anybody help me with a query. I have a W210 E55 (1999) with 120,000 miles on it. The back suspension has become rock hard, that is it has no give in it? The car is fitted with a ride lowering button but I don’t think that has worked in a while. I’m at the moment looking to replace the front...

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