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    E220 Active bonnet malfunction

    Fake message appear on dashboard more frequently 'Active bonnet malfunction...' I always cancel this, but couple of times engine stall while waiting at traffic signal which scares me. Also observed sometimes 'Eco mode' turns off when this message appear. Not sure if it is very expensive to get...
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    Eco mode causing jolts on E220d 2013 model

    2013 E Class 220d suddenly started jolting whenever lifting foot off brake when vehicle stationary and in Eco mode (stop / start to save gas). Significant jolt occurs when stopped engine restarts. Feels like letting clutch straight out in manual mode with engine at say 800 rpm Dealer suggests...
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    E220 Eco turns off with a error "Presafe user functions limited"

    Dear members I wonder if you could help me with this. I believe few of benz user must have came across this message at some point. My E220 that I purchased 2 months ago from Cargiant, model 2014 is acting a bit weird now. The car turns on with Eco mode on but as soon as i hit brakes & engine...

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