1. M

    Software update destroys fuel economy

    I bought my B200 D Auto with 5,000 miles & 18 months old. On a long motorway run was achieving 65mpg & easily 50mpg + average on full tank of fuel. I booked a dealer service & received an email the day prior to taking the car in about a software update. The email referred to cars with Ad Blue...
  2. C

    Vaneo economy

    Hi All This 1.7CDI Vaneo seems rubbish on the economy. I'm getting 35-40 on a 50 mile drive at a constant 70. In fact it's ranks with some of the worst petrol cars that I've owned. I'm taking it back to the garage tomorrow to have things looked at (handbrake is useless on anything other than a...
  3. S

    Unexplainable Fuel Consumption

    Hi, I have a c270 cdi which I often drive about 250 miles weekly up and down the m6. The computer readout reads between 52 and 56 mpg average which to me seems very good. However, if I work out fuel consumption the old fashioned way, tank to tank, I'm working out the consumption at being around...
  4. S

    new C200 1.6D - advice please

    Hi folks - 1st post - so please be gentle..... Considering buying a new C Class C200 1.6D Manual. 1st merc for 10 years - due to poor local customer service - now moved to a different town - here's hoping :( . Will be taking a test drive in a few weeks. Meanwhile please can anyone...
  5. J

    R129 mpg

    My usual motoring is short blasts around the A roads of rural Gloucestershire, but yesterday I went up to York, then back today. Mostly motorway at an indicated 70-80, a couple of long 50-limit roadworks, some congestion on the York ring road. Brimmed it before and after - 393 miles and 50.1...
  6. GAD Tuning LTD


    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!! The winner of the FREE REMAP competition will be announced on Friday the 29th of March. We will be picking a name at random from all of the threads that we had started! so don't worry we will make sure that everyone is entered. Any last minute posters will still be...
  7. T

    HELP Poor Economy 220CDI

    Hello Everyone, I'm hoping there are some eco guru's out there that can help me! My CLK 220CDI Sport suffers very poor economy! I average 27 MPG at the moment. My commute is fairly economic and I drive economicaly. To give an example before this I had a 2007 330i which returned 28mpg. So my...
  8. G

    correct oil for high mileage merc

    E220 cdi avantgarde - automatic diesel. Has covered 105,000 miles. One mechanic says with a higher mileage car I should use 15W40 semi-synthetic oil. It is better for a high mileage vehicle than the one specified - which could damage the engine. Another mechanic friend disagrees. He says I...

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