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    W212 E63 (5.5bi) oil temp sensor problem?

    Hi A week back I had a problem with the engine coolant fan suddenly starting to run at full speed whenever the ignition was on. Many internet searches revealed this was a common fault, but the reason behind it could be anything that made the ECU think the engine was overheating, a fault in...
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    clk320(w) starts then stops, ecu water ingress?

    Hi my clk 320 (W) started then stopped after about a mile, RAC attended and thought it was fuel, but garage has checked and taken off ecu and sent it for checking! £66 for that and they say it is water damage but can fix for £390! is this normal and is it worth getting an ecu off ebay, if so do...
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    W202 C240 ABS/ASR issues....

    Afternoon all! I've had some 40,000 miles of trouble free (within reason) driving until now. About 6 weeks ago, I got in & turned on the ignition - she fired up but the ASR/ABS warning light stayed on. Scratch head, press the ASR button on dash - lights remain on. Turn off, key out, try...
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    ecu problem? Engine Cuts Out... Newbie Helppp!!

    Ok heres the scenario when i drive my a140 petrol 1.4L it starts and then slowly starts to cut out on the engine and then just about picks it self back up and then cuts out again and i have to keep starting that car every time i 'try' to drive it ... Any help Thanks!
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    ML320 2001 Gearbox issues, I think?!? Please please help!

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here! I have a ML320 (2001). Very simply, I seemed to have come to a dead-end, as far as solutions are concerned! Car initially went into 'limp' mode intermittently and wouldn't come out of 1st gear. Local Merc specialists' diagnostics couldn't figure...

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