electrics fault

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    Car runs and drives; Electrics don't work

    Hi all! Today when I started up my car to go to work, I've noticed my instrument cluster was blank. Temperature gauge, speedometer, trip computer, nothing worked. Other electrics were not working either, windows, even the turn signals. However, the headlights turned on just fine and the brakes...
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    Odd electrics

    Hi all I have A140 53plate normally a great runner, the wife went to start it on the way home tonight and noticed the internal lights were on (doors and boot closed and locked) she tried to start it with no joy this left all internal lights still on and the dashboard display all on as well...
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    CAT 5 TRACKER & Electric issue

    Took delivery of the new C-Class last week and had it fitted with a CAT 5 TRACKER ('Tracker Response') yesterday. I chose this particular system as it is MB approved and one of the best out there - and we seem to have new cars go missing in our area. Car ran fine on route home, to the gym...
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    Power drain on w220 2001 3.2 diesel

    Hi all, My s320 cdi has a power drain, I have managed to trace it to one fuse, its in the rear drivers side floor box and it controls the radio, nav, phone and central locking so its a bit of a pain to leave it out. The drain happens over a day or so and its not too handy as i have a wife...
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    Tailgate Reverse/Fog Fail E220 AG 2002 Est

    Anyone Help... Lights On Tailgate Of E220 2002 AG have stopped working, Checked Bulbs and Fuse... Using Meter Power is getting to both clusters and I have checked Ohms Meter that connection is getting to bulb holders and it appears problem could be connection between bulb holder and I think...
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