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    Potential Roof Issue - cannot access boot, windows inoperable, roof switch permanently lit.

    Dear sirs, I have been having some issues with my roof which, I suspect is due to a microswitch perhaps on rear bow. Presently though, my primary worry is I cannot operate the windows or access the boot as per title. The windows will drop a little when opening door and go up again when...
  2. J

    DVD system

    Hi all, bit of a cheeky question to ask.. I have a 15 plate E250 with built in DVD system and for the first time i thought i would try watching a DVD and realized that the screen turns off when the car is in motion whilst also displaying a warning message 'screen turned off whilst car in motion...
  3. B

    New 2014 C220 Sport

    Hi, I bought a new C220 Sport Saloon back in October. It's my first Mercedes and I love it but since October it's been back in the garage 3 times and it's booked in again for a fourth visit. First three times were for the same reason; the LED lights on the outside of the doors started to...
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    Stereo code for MF2910

    Hi everyone. I am at the end if my tether trying to find a code for my stereo. Tried a few websites and none recognise my ser no? . If someone could help me out it would be very much appreciated. Model MF2910 Serial no AL 2910 3 08 66245 Thankyou
  5. M

    W204 Strange Behaviour

    Ever since I bought my C200 it has displayed the following odd behaviour. Every so often: - The temperature gauge drops to zero - The engine fan comes on - The heater comes on. If I pull over and switch off the ignition and then switch on again everything returns to normal. This used to...
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    sprinter edc light

    hi there all my 2005 311 cdi recently has edc light on . it first happened a cpl of days ago in the really cold frosty weather (about - 7 i think). the edc light came on but continued to drive. then it started stalling on deceleration and restarts every time .then it got worse it stalled every...
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    Advice please

    Hello, My cluster just went the other day. It just went while I was driving. I took a Mercedes Service Station. I also knew my brake pads were wearing down as I got a warning signal two weeks ago.I posted it on this forum. However, the service station said that my disks were 99% worn and...

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