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    One Brake Failing Erratically - Resets

    Hello! I have a 2001 MB E240 Elegance Wagon S210 Problem: My right side brake light fails but works for a period of time when the bulb carrier is reseated. Is there a fickle thing with these I'm not seeing? Is there some kind of power short protection - that is not a fusible link - that...
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    2007 C220 CDI iPod connector

    I bought one of these from eBay as suggested (Genuine Mercedes A001827004 Media Interface) Unfortunately, it didn't connect to my iPod lead in the glove box (which was factory fitted). It was completely the wrong plug. So, I then bought one of the these ....3.5mm AUX Audio Jack Cable to 30 Pin...
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    Replacing (tensioner) pullies and belt

    This thread is about a Mercedes A140 W168 elegance (1999/2000) Hi there! I'm new to this forum, so if this thread isn't posted at the right subfora, please remove if necessary. Besides that, English is not my native language, so please forgive and correct me if I used the wrong (technical)...

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