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    CLK 200 Kompressor (M271 1.8L) Running rich and high CO emission

    Hi! My car recently failed a emissions test because of too high CO. The car seems to be running rich too. I have not noticed the car running worse/rough or smell from exhaust but fuel consumption feels exsessive. The car is throwing the following DTC codes: P0170, P0137, P0172, P0138, P0136...
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    2004 Sprinter 208CDI Emissions Details

    Hi everyone, I'm searching for some info for my sprinter which is a 2004 208CDI 2.2l. Does anyone know the CO2g/km details, or any other fuel consumption/emissions details? I've been in contact with Mercedes to ask, but they've responded to say that in 2004 the information was not recorded and...
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    Emission Fail Help

    Dear Members I got a C Class Coupe 2003 180K Petrol Car was running absolute fine and still does. It failed its emission by minor I did have the engine indicator lamp on for some time. As the car was running fine , i didn't bother. Now understand what a mistake it was We changed...

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