engine failure

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    New to this but need help!

    Hi, everyone i just wanted to get some information about a Mercedes i have it is a c230 kompressor sports 1998, it has just been a week i have brought it and when i start it and accelerate, it don't rev then just randomly when i put my foot on it it revs perfectly, but i got it check from garage...
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    Mis-fire driving me mental PLEASE HELP !!!

    I have a misfire problem on my daily driver which is driving me mental and I desperately need help. The car was left over the Crimbo and New Year period due to knackered exhaust so it was sat dormant for about 3-4 weeks. When I tried to start it for the first time it started ran perfectly...
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    230CE Engine Fails at Speed

    Hi There, I have an 1985 230CE automatic which generally drives perfectly in the city. However, when I bring it on the motorway and drive between 80kph and 100kph it intermittantly looses revs and tries to cut out. I have to practically stand on/pump the accelerator to get it to not stop...

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