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    C220 ESP currently unavailable when putting foot down (automatic)

    Hi everyone So I've had this problem for a while. The car runs perfectly most of the time, there is only a particular time when this problem happens. After driving on the motorway for around half an hour and when I need to overtake someone, I put my foot down to get a boost and it doesn't...
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    Engine fault testing in Staffordshire, recommendations?

    Hello, I've got the dreaded engine management light on my A-class, which I assume is the ECU, however I would like it to go on a computer to confirm before I send it off. Can anyone recommend a place in Staffordshire to get it tested cheaply and accurately? I've had this done at my local...
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    CLK 270 Cdi W209 2003 siezed glowplugs & EML on full throttle

    Hi Guys, First off, I'm a first time Merc owner having only purchased the car at the start of February and I seem to have had nothing but niggles and issues since. The car: CLK 270 CDI auto, 2003 model on 52 plate. I live in the north east and traveled down to Peterborough to collect the...
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    Potentially dangerous gear change issue

    I have an E320CDI on a 57 plate. It has an auto gearbox with Tiptronic. I have had an issue for some months now that Mercedes have tried to rectify three times with no success. The issue occurs when the auto gearbox cannot decide which gear to select. This used to happen under hard...
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    Mercedes C180 Engine Management Problems

    Hello I own a 1999 UK C180 (1.8 petrol). A few months ago, the battery went flat (after I left the keys in:Oops:). Having got it charged up again, I notice that the performance is nowhere near as good. Having done some reading, I realise that the Engine Management System probably reset...
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    S204 C220Cdi Engine Management Faults

    Hi, As a new Mercedes owner, this is my first post on this forum. Unfortunately, it is with a problem. Just five weeks, and less than 2,500 miles, into owning my C220CDi SE Estate, it managed to break down on me!! Pulled into Heston Services, M4 east bound, for a coffee. 10 minutes...
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