engine shaking

  1. A

    Why is my RPM jumping so much?

    Here is a video: https://streamable.com/f6vnw7 Hello, I have a w204 c220 2012 and on idle my RPMs jump up and down and the whole vehicle shakes sideways in response. It’s very unpleasant to sit inside while stationary, but the issue mostly goes away after it reaches operating temperatures. I...
  2. Mark1974

    W205 2015 Om626 1.6 Diesel Shaking / Exhaust/ Injector issue 100k miles

    Hi All Apologies for long winded chronological list below.....Effectively car shaking when idle, especially at cold, awful clatter accelerating between 1500-2000 rpm in any gear ... Details of all work I've done so far .. rang a Mercedes Independent specialist today May 4th 2023 Hopefully they...

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