1. J

    1991 winter storage of my 500SL.

    I am a new and proud owner of my MB 500 SL. Does anyone know if the fuel requires an additive prior to winter storage? I was trying to find ethanol-free gas but there is none to be had within 200 miles of where I live. Thanks!
  2. Prof.C.Benz

    Ethanol Content in UK

    Yesterday, I got a bee in my bonnet about the Ethanol content of fuel in the UK, so I called BP, SHELL, Total & ESSO. I just got off the phone from a lovely man, Simon who is a technician @ ESSO/Exxon He has let me know that ESSO Premium Fuels in the south of England (draw a line from the...
  3. Prof.C.Benz

    Shell V-Power Nitro +. Dangers with older engines?

    Morning all!... I have never been a fan of any kind of flushing or cleaning fuel addatives in old engines as certain deposits can actually be helping plug any nooks and crannys that have developed with age. My question is, with this new Shell Fuel, could I loosen these positive deposits...

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