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    Ad blue Euro 6 system problems

    Hi Can anybody help me please. My car only has only done 11,000 miles, but a MB specialist says the engine looks like it has done 150,000 miles!! It all started with an error code saying the NOX sensor had a fault. After replacing the first NOX further errors kept occurring. The latest...
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    Software update destroys fuel economy

    I bought my B200 D Auto with 5,000 miles & 18 months old. On a long motorway run was achieving 65mpg & easily 50mpg + average on full tank of fuel. I booked a dealer service & received an email the day prior to taking the car in about a software update. The email referred to cars with Ad Blue...
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    Remapping a 2016 C220d (Euro VI)

    Hi everyone, I bought a 2016 Mercedes-Benz C Class C220d Premium Plus Coupe with the Euro VI 'Ad-Blu' system installed. I am looking to have the car remapped, but my usual contact was unable to read the ECU data through the OBD port and advised that he would have to remove the ECU in order to...
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