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    Skeptical about my dealership’s transparency and intention!!

    Hi, First of all, I’m in a process of getting my own new Mercedes 2019 a200 AMG line with one of the dealerships in the southwest (I do not want to name names) which was recommended to me by a couple of friends who had a good experience dealing with them. I didn’t really plan at first to...
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    Handback Trouble

    Finally, if I do try to do a hand-back, what problems am I likely to face? I have heard that MB are not very forgiving when it comes to small scratches, or curbed wheels. Which unfortunately my car has suffered thanks to the ability of the average british driver. I can safely say you will...
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    agility finance

    I am rather confused about the end of my agility agreement. I have read posts which say that if the car is valued at less than the GFV set at the beginning of the agreement, then Mercedes finance makes up the shortfall. My Car was valued at £9444. It has a GFV in the agreement of £10150. I...
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    Mercedes Personal Lease/Finance question Help Appreciated

    Hi, First of all hello to everyone :) I was wondering if there will be a few owners or experienced members out there who could help me a little in the situation im in... I'm a young chap 20 years old who is self employed doing well for himself :) I looking for a new car to buy but I...
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    Mercedes Benz agility

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to buy my first merc next month - an a180 AMG (NEW). I have already put my deposit on the car to secure it however my dealership can't process the finance until my 18th which will be next month. I'm just wondering if anyone here has any experience of getting finance...
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    Does Mercedes Finance offer the ability to use a Guarantor?

    My question is if anyone knows whether Mercedes Finance offer the ability to use a Guarantor when applying for one of the finance options available? The reason I ask is I'm 20 years old but I'm fortunate enough to be in secure employment with a trade that pays very very well and i'm lucky...
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    Hello from Charles & Dean...Free tank of fuel??

    To celebrate Charles & Dean working alongside The Mercedes Benz Forum we have decided to pay for a tank of fuel for every client who uses our services, or recommends a friend who uses Charles & Dean to finance their car throughout June. When purchasing a new or used car Charles & Dean will...
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    Agility Finance

    Hi guys Im desperately seeking help. Due to the recession and buying a house with lots of work, we really need to get rid of our baby, C250 CDI Sport. We took it out over 3 years on agility finance, but when called merc finance about what options we have for handing back the car, she...

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