folding mirror

  1. MalcQV

    2004 CLK Folding mirrors

    My folding mirror button (for out) seems to be working intermittently. The close button works at a touch as did the open button up until about a week ago. Steadily getting worse. I thought about squirting it with electrical contact spray but think really the little panel would be better removed...
  2. K

    W203 Elec Folding Door Mirror- NOT Memory.

    I'll stand to be corrected but I think this is referred to as the 9 Pin. I'm looking for a replacement for the N/S (L-H). I've had the cover off and the glass out and it looks like what has happened is that at some stage the mirror has been forced and the 'gear' has not only disengaged from...
  3. L

    Side mirrors not folding - C180 Coupe Sports Edition

    Hi everyone, I have got a 2005 Mercedes C180 Coupe Sports Edition. These don't have the buttons to automatically open and close the side mirrors and I would have thought I would be able to close this manual (with my hands) but when I do this, they just pop back out. My question(s) is: 1...

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