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    Folding Mirrors Wiring Diagram

    Hi, I have a 2008 CLK w209 with folding mirrors, however both of them don't fold either via the mirror control panel or via locking or unlocking the car. I'm unsure of how to open the mirror from the outside to remove the glass and could perhaps do with a wiring diagram please. At first I...
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    2003 220cdi

    Hi can anyone help with a niggly problem. there are phone symbols on my steering wheel and when you press them a message shows on the dash , not connected or something very similar? i have been looking through my manual but there is nothing telling you how to set it up. Secondly should the...
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    Modifications on W203 2006 non-folding wing mirrors to folding wing mirrors

    I want to improve my car by make mod on non-folding wing mirror by changing it with folding mirror. How could I do this (DIY) and what parts will be needed? I read lots of articles but I couldnt find something that I need. My car is C180 Komp. Elegance W203 2006 Saloon 4D. My wing mirrors are...
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    Wing mirrors auto fold

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me how to program my wing mirrors to fold in when the car is locked? I have a 2003 W209 CLK55 amg, I have a friend who has a 2006 clk350 and they do it and she has no idea how. Thanks Baz

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