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    Folding Mirror problem, possible help !

    Hi All, We've just bought a 2009 W209 CLK 220cdi, Nice car really happy with it, few little niggles but nothing too serious. The most annoying WAS the folding mirrors out of sync, Read loads of forums about it, and various causes and fixes, Flat battery, broken wires. IMHO and its worked for...
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    2006 W209 CLK Mirrors folding problem

    Hi, I have a strange fault with the folding of both electric mirrors which started suddenly a week ago. When you press the button on the light control panel to open the mirrors nothing happens. When you unfold them with your hand (they don't lock into place) and press either the open or...
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    Folding rear seats in 2006 C Estate are stuck in upright position

    I stated this thread the other day but forgot to add a title. The rear seat catch button on the small seat back of my C class estate 2006 model is stuck open and I cannot fold the seat back forward, I also can't fold the seat back from the big seat as the luggage cover prevents it and I can't...

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