Folding Mirror problem, possible help !

Tim Mulligan

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Jul 6, 2020
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2009 CLK 220cdi
Hi All,
We've just bought a 2009 W209 CLK 220cdi, Nice car really happy with it, few little niggles but nothing too serious. The most annoying WAS the folding mirrors out of sync, Read loads of forums about it, and various causes and fixes, Flat battery, broken wires. IMHO and its worked for us, the main torx bolt needs loosening and lubricating wit a good silicone grease, it was as dry as anything and along with the tension from the spring was causing the motor to think it had reached the stop point and therefore stop. it means dismantling the mirror but that's only a 10 min job and the satisfaction of watching both mirrors folding how they should is brilliant !


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