1. G

    Water in the driver's footwell inside a CLK350 W209 Convertible

    Hello all So for the first time in just over a year of owning my CLK350 i got in the car this morning to find a puddle of water inside the footwell just by the accelerator pedal. I believe the water leaked through the bonnet release lever but i am not 100% sure this is the case. Any...
  2. K

    My first W124

    Hi there, W124 300D, 1991 -this is my treasure, always wanted one and finally got one :) But she is not without her problems. The most urging one I would like you, experts to help me with is water collecting in the footwells. I checked four drains along the windscreen, they're not clogged or...
  3. L

    R230 Water Leaks - Drivers Footwell

    A bit better weather on Sunday (and a few minutes spare!) gave me the chance to look into the water leaks in my SL55. I was happy at first to find the boot leak is MOST likely to be the 3rd brake light (although the rear screen and C pillar seals still need doing as well, and will be in the...
  4. S

    W124 estate Footwell wet

    Folks, does anyone have any issues with water under the drivers and passenger footwell carpets? W124 E220 Estate Auto I just happened to lift these up while cleaning and noticed a few cups of water in each footwell and the sponge under the carpet was sodden. There was no sign of any damp...
  5. T

    Footwell Lighting

    Hi guys, I'm toying with the idea of installing some footwell lighting into my w202. Have found these on ebay; Was...
  6. J

    C280 - Water leak coming in passenger footwell

    Hi there Not sure anyone can offer advice on this issue, but thought I'd try anyway. I have a 1997 C280 Elegance. It's in pretty good condition, just a few small rust spots. It drives well (though is awful greedy on fuel, but that's what a 2.8. engine will do). My problem is this...
  7. M

    HELP! My Mercedes 320 CLK has a water leak in the front passenger footwell

    I am hoping that someone can help me on this issue. My Mercedes 320 CLK Avantgarde Convertible has water in the front passenger footwell, which is also finding its way to the rear passenger footwell on the same side. This is happening after 'rain. I called a mobile Merc mechanic who took...
  8. C

    Very little heat in footwells.

    Model C200 - Year 2000 About two months ago in the very cold weather the following started to happen. When starting the car I can hear a clicking noise and as if something is trying to move, it lasts for about 30 seconds and then stops. The air con and heating work fine but very little...

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