1. G

    How do I remove front plate holder? (W205)

    I have a 2016 C Class Coupe. The front number plate holder has dented where someone has reversed into the front of my car so I need to replace it. I’ve taken the plate off, removed the screws in the plate holder, but it still won’t remove. I’ve unclipped the parts at the bottom that clip into...
  2. L

    R230 Front SAM question

    Thanks to the nice weather, have had a couple of days to play at fault finding on my SL55. I can't get my STAR to talk to anything on the CAN B at all, I just can't get it to talk to the EIS. I though my STAR might be dodgy at first, but I can see engine, transmission etc.. in fact anything on...
  3. L

    R230 Water Leaks - Drivers Footwell

    A bit better weather on Sunday (and a few minutes spare!) gave me the chance to look into the water leaks in my SL55. I was happy at first to find the boot leak is MOST likely to be the 3rd brake light (although the rear screen and C pillar seals still need doing as well, and will be in the...
  4. DJC013

    How to remove a Front wing on a 2001 SLK ?

    Hello, just wondered if anyone had a guide on how to remove the front wings on my 2001 SLK320 ? many thanks in advance, regards Damian. :)

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