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    E320 2004(W211 OM648) fuel issue

    Strange problem. Driving along normally the other day and a loud knocking noise from the engine and loads of grey/ black smoke. Stopped. Got towed back. Next morning checked the car - started normally and ran smooth for about 3 miles and slowly the knocking and smoke returned. I guess its...
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    Vario 814D fuel draining back

    Hi all, I have a worsening fuel delivery problem when starting (OM904L engine). It seemingly began when I was parked on any sort of incline, altho that could be a red herring. The fuel gauge would suddenly show reserve even if there was fuel in the tank and it would take probably 10 to 20...
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    316 cid Sprinter hose vs squirrels

    Hi, my first post on here although I've lurked for a long time. I started my 2001 316 cid Sprinter based motorhome for the first time in a month yesterday and although it started and idled as normal it quickly cut out and wouldn't restart. Staring hopelessly under the bonner I noticed a smell...

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