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    SLK 320 R170 Alarm disable

    Hi folks - my alarm has decided to play up, likely as a result of being left out in the rain whilst I was visiting over the holidays (she is normally cuddled up nice and dry in my garage!). I have searched the interweb and found information on how to temporarily disable my alarm by removing fuse...
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    A140 Classic - Fuse 48 Blowing

    Hello, I am a new member so I apologize if this thread is not in the correct section. Please can someone steer me to the right place if so! Thanks. I have a Mercedes Benz A140 Classic (2003) Petrol, Tiptronic. Fuse 48 had blown, I replaced it and it blew again. I don't know what this might...
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    New member with fuse problem with A140 Classic

    Hello, I am new to this forum, and in fact any forum :) I'm a bit unsure of where to post a question about a problem I have. So I'll write it here and perhaps anyone can steer me in the right place. I have a Mercedes Benz A140 Classic (2003) Petrol, Tiptronic. Fuse 48 had blown, I replaced...
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    Altenator or fuse?

    Hi there i have myself a clk230 kompressor. The dash is warning of an alternator problem and the alternator is not charging the battery. However i do not think the actual problem is the alternator. The problem started immedietley after i installed a sound system so im thinking a surge of power...
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    S/CL500 fuse diagrams

    Dont know if this is allowed but trawling through the net to find a location of a fuse came across these diagrams (no boot fuse diagram in my CL) Post No #6 http://www.mbca.org/forum/touched-hot-wire-blew-fuse hopefully this will help someone else. If its not the done thing i appologise
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    fuse 41 location w210

    Hi all, No indicators or hazard lights on 1996 w210 e230. Have fuse list from 99 e220cdi. Says 41 for turn signals. Cant find fuse 41. fuse box under bonnet only goes up to 18. Fuse box beside lights swithes under cover have no numbers at all. Fuse box behind battery under bench seat...

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