gear selector

  1. F

    MB C-class automatic gear selector lever - part numbers

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where can I see a part number catalog for the gear selector lever components? I am missing the silver plastic ring from the selector lever see pic attached
  2. T

    04 SL Reprogramming Issue

    Hi, has anyone ever had problems with reprogramming after the dreaded stuck in park issue? I have a 2004 SL350 with only 63k on it. 4 weeks ago it got stuck in park. My local indie replaced gear selector module & keyless go but it won't reprogram. The car is with dealer now but they can't find...
  3. J

    Please help, auto - transmission

    Hi everyone, it's great to have stumbled upon this site, it's nice to see such a supportive community. I would really appreciate any advice to this problem, I have a Mercedes CLK 2001 petrol, Automatic, engine 230 Kompressor, 87,000miles on the clock. The problem is as follows, about two...
  4. T

    Problems getting into 1st and reverse

    I have a '05 C200 manual 6speed Diesel Mercedes. Lately i have had trouble getting it into 1st gear and reverse. It is very stiff and feels as if i am forcing it in. This happens more so when the engine is cold. After about 5-10 miles it isnt really a problem until about 4-5hours later. (The car...
  5. Onne

    W126 Gear selector light bulb replacement

    Hello all, I was wondering if the W126 has a light so you can see what gear you've selectedin the old auto box? If yes, how do I go about replacing this (these?) Thanks!

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