gearbox problems

  1. Z

    Gearbox fault P2502

    Hello everyone and I ask for help. I have E 200 2008 and it throws me a P2502 transmission error. Changed the oil and filter and condoctur plate but everything remained the same. The car does not change gears and when it warms up it takes 10 seconds to go backwards when I put in R. Yes I checked...
  2. mshah70

    W212 transmission problems

    Hello i have a mercedes w212 E200 2011 150kmiles Recently while changing from P to R or N to (D or R) i feel a judder from the transmission. However i drove it like this for a short period and now i have a major issue. The issue is when i select a gear ( R or D) the car doesnt engage the...
  3. J

    What transmission problems will an atf change cure?

    Hello, I have a 2007 cls 320cdi with the 7g-tronic box. The car has done 35k and is due to have it's oil change in about 7.5k miles at the next service. Over the last few months I've noticed the gear changes have become a bit slower/reluctant and I seem to be getting an increased number of...
  4. C

    auto gearbox not selecting gears

    :confused:hi all, I have a c240 sport auto and the gearbox either sticks in gear or drops out of gear and I have to keep stopping to switch engine off to get the gear box to even select a gear, then on driving does not go through the gears smoothly and then sticks in any gear it likes ...

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