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    Hi guys! 2013 E-class saloon. 220CDI.

    Hi guys, I got my first Mercedes-Benz. It's actually for work purposes but hey. Its a 220CDI 2013 model (New shape). Only had it for a day. Loving every second of it so far; especially as I'm 23 so its a big achievement for me. Hope to gain a lot of Mercedes knowledge and German car...
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    D-Fest 15th-16th june.

    DeutschesFEST 2013 - The Summertime Special - Bury St. Edmunds - 15th & 16th June All German marques are welcome at the premiere German Car event of the season, DeutschesFEST. A show dedicated to German vehicles – Classic, modern, OEM+, modified and everything in between! The show features...
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    German Automotive Ltd - Derby, Derbyshire

    All, Not sure where to post this or if there is an Indie Directory on this site, But German Automotive in Derby are the Dogs !!! Fantastic service, fantastic staff and just superb to deal with !!! Cannot recommend them MORE !!! And Paul, they guy I have...

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