glow plug relay

  1. L

    C220 CDI glow plug light comes on but glow plugs are fine

    Hi everyone, I bought a 2006 c220 CDI the other day, and I'm doing a couple of jobs on it to get it back into shape (going for a transmission service tomorrow too) The glow plug light comes on every now and then for a while after starting, so I checked the glow plugs with the multimeter and they...
  2. A

    Glow plugs.

    Hi all. I have just replaced all 4 glow plugs on my 2008 C220 estate. The preheat light comes on when you put the key in the ignition as usual and goes out after a second or so, but now the preheat light comes back on and stays on for a minute then goes out. It never did it before I changed the...
  3. MattyH

    Strange noise from glow plug relay -- car won't start

    A strange noise appears to be coming from the glow plug relay on my 1996 C Class 250D. Various lights on the dash board are flashing and the engine won't turn over on the key. Recently the battery started going flat and I resorted to using the trickle charger overnight. Not sure the two problems...
  4. F

    ML 320 CDI W164 Code P0670 - Glow Plug Control Module Circuit

    Hola Señors and Señorita's, My ML320 CDI engine had a leaking injector for quite some time... I decided to ignorantly chug around for a while (a long while) until recently, as I thought it was getting worse. Reason I thought this was because the engine was struggling to start in a morning...

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