1. C

    2019 C220 D

    Hi All, just purchased my fist MB (previously a VW head) I bought a 2019 C 220 D Sport Premium in silver with 17 inche alloys. Absolutely love it so far. Has anyone done any nice mods to this model of car? I may change grill to a diamond front grill like the AMG line has and I may also put...
  2. zedmeister

    SL R230 grill - adding distronic badge

    Hi Does anyone know if you can simply change the centre star to the distronic version on a genuine grill or do you need to change the entire grill? There are plenty of people selling genuine distronic stars on ebay and I was wondering if I can fit it to a standard grill? My car does have...
  3. P

    1999 SLK Grille - removal help

    I'm trying to get my front black plastic grille off, having undone all the screws at the top it seems to be still attached at the bottom to the bumper molding. It almost looks like it should like the clips should just slide off the bumper but it wont budge. Any help would be apprecaited...
  4. gibsones135

    I've been thinking.......about Grills..

    As I was browsing through E-Bay the other day I came across this:-...

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