1. A

    Panamericana Grille Badge won’t fit

    Bought a grille fitted to the car and the original badge doesn’t twist into the grille as it’s too big, does anyone know if there’s a smaller badge you can get?
  2. 1

    Replacement Grille

    Hi, newbie looking for help..... I have owned a C220 estate 12 reg for a few years now and love it. Unfortunately before I took ownership the previous owner had the star / target site on the bonnet replaced with a flat badge. The grille remains and is the “horizontal” lines, ie no Mercedes...
  3. tc smith

    How to remove centre speaker grille ?

    Having looked for pics/video on the web for clues on removing the centre speaker grille I've then tried to prise it out, windscreen end of the grille, but it really doesn't want to come up, almost as if it's held in the middle. From pics it should have lugs on the straight side above the air...
  4. M

    Bubbling Grille -08 S320L

    Oh I could spit ! I have the smallest, tiniest stone chip on the grille and within 2 days the whole row has bubbled up. About 8inch in total. The grille is plastic with a chrome coating. I expected to pay to have the chip repaired but I'm shocked how quickly this bubbling has taken effect...
  5. P

    1999 SLK Grille - removal help

    I'm trying to get my front black plastic grille off, having undone all the screws at the top it seems to be still attached at the bottom to the bumper molding. It almost looks like it should like the clips should just slide off the bumper but it wont budge. Any help would be apprecaited...

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