1. G

    replacing CLK front wheel bearings, discs & pads

    hi all, well I'm now on my journey of DIY servicing on the CLK. I've changed the air filters, engine oil & filter yesterday and this week will be onto the above... just wondered do we have any 'how to...' on the bearings and/or discs n' pads and also if there are any 'watch out for...' on...
  2. BRABUS R230

    Faulty N/S 2003 SL55 Xenon Headlight

    I appear to have a fault in my NS/F Xenon headlamp, I have changed the Xenon bulbs, but no difference... If I constantly switch my headlamps on/off (sometime around 10 times) after a while the light comes on, once it is on it will stay on...sometimes it might work for a few days without any...

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