1. L

    C180 coupe (Handbrake cable)

    Hi, Recently had the shoes replaced on my car. They have been tightened as much as possible. However, the cable may need tightening as there is a slight roll on an incline.
  2. Alex240

    Your thoughts on floor handbrake?

    I'm just wondering what people think of the floor operated handbrake. Personally I love it! There was one in my old 1998 E-Class & there's one in the new w212 that I've just bought. I don't know if they have it in the C-Class and S-Class? It's not in the A170 I've been knocking around in for a...
  3. T

    Sticky Handbrake R230 SL55

    Hi, Just a quick one. When releasing the handbrake, you can feel the handbrake release but the light does not switch off until multiple pulls of the lever. I want to lubricate the cable/mechanism. Has anyone got the instructions on how to do this. Also, when pushing on the pedal to set the...
  4. L

    W245 B180 CDI Handbrake Adjustment

    Hi fellow Mercedes owners! I have a question for our more mechanically experienced friends: How is the hand brake adjusted on a W245? Is it on the callipers or is it under the car somewhere? Any guidance would be gratefully received!! Many thanks, Dave
  5. H

    vito 108 service intervals

    Hi all. Newbee on diesels, just got my second hand vito108tdi 2001 registered and ready to go. My question is the service intervals and if you can do some of them on your regular garage or have to go to a MB-dealer. Do I/they need any computers etc to du service? The enginge sounds fine to...
  6. D

    1976 450 SE Handbrake Stuck On -- HELP

    Hi, We have inherited a Mercedes 450 SE Auto after our uncle died. We are trying to sell the car to pay for the funeral expenses. After leaving it parked outside with the handbrake on the drivers side handbrake is now locked on. Despite plenty of penetrating oil, rubber mallet and...
  7. B

    Handbrake lever won't return all the way

    Hi - the foot operated handbrake lever on my C-CLASS C220 CDI AVANTGARDE SE (203) estate is hyper sensitive - if my trouser lightly touches the pedal (unintentionally) it causes the dashboard alarm to flash up that the handbrake is on. I can reset it by lifting it up with my foot while pulling...

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