1. Alex240

    Merc & iPhone pairing solution.

    Okay, so I just wanted to write this down just in case anybody else's been looking for a solution, because I know how much of a problem it's been for me to find an answer. I'm using an iPhone 6s Plus. And the Mercedes is a 2010 w212 e350. If you are trying to pair your iPhone with your...
  2. M

    Hands free car kit (iphone)

    Hi there, Just bought a MB C Class coupe 230 03 plate love it but i have a MB fitted phone kit for a Nokia 6310i i think, My Problem is that i have a iphone and didn't really want to spend 250 on a iphone cradle what are my options? as its looks rubbish at the moment and if i remove...
  3. T

    Advise on handsfree and ipod integration

    Afternoon, I recently bought my first (second hand) MB and I am delighted with it. It is a E 220 estate from 2004. It has a what looks like the standard CD player (plus 6 disc changer). It came with a Bury handsfree sitting on a bracket which I am not particularly fond of. So what I...
  4. W

    Bluetooth for Merc

    Hi Guys, new here, not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but anyway i'm looking for a new bluetooth car kit, has anybody had any experiences with any good ones? I have seen a few i like, there are several on here. Have you guys used any of these before? just like to get a...

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