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    Hazards flash and then the boot opened on its own

    Hi, the hazards on my 2017 GLE flashed without any sound and once they stopped flashing the boot opened on its own. Would anyone know why this might have happened?
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    C220 cdi w203 esp

    Hi Guys. I have a C220 CDI 2001 Auto (W203). I have a constant sign that is on that is warning me of a problem with the ESP. What can Cause this? I am not sure if this is related but the Hazard light sign is always flashing as well. Any assitance is much appreciated thanks.
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    Mercedes CLK 200 (1999) - indicators and hazards and rear demist all not working

    My indicators do not work and nor do the hazards or rear heated window (latter two on same central consol one above the other) - does anyone have any ideas what is not working, and whether the heated rear window :(could be a related problem - they do seem to share fuses, which I have checked and...

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