headlights upgrade

  1. grahamwoodward

    W211 halogen headlight bulb replacement

    What is the best way to uprate the dipped headlight bulbs on my W211 E-class? The current halogen bulbs give a poor image and are not up to the car's performance. The headlight lenses are not opaque so it must be the bulbs. I've fitted Nightbusters to the main beams; should I do the same for the...
  2. R

    New to teh forum and with a new ML Owner

    Good morning, I am new to the forum and have just bought a 62 plate ML250 Sport BlueTEC. So far, so good. I came out of a BMW X1 needing more space for two growing boys and a bigger boot for all their stuff and it's working out just fine. I was worried about if I'd made the right...
  3. D

    Headlights for my CL203 coupe

    Hi all, I'm Dave, I have had my merc for about a year now and am now ready to bring it back to glory, I'm starting by replacing the headlights, I have tried to clean them up, but they are to far gone. There are plenty of headlights on e bay ect but almost all of them state "not coupe". Does...
  4. L

    upgrading headlight bulbs w211

    Having complaints from 'the management' re poor lights on my E220CDI (H7,55W) after a long journey yesterday evening. I would appreciate any recommendations on how I might safely upgrade these bulbs. Lights have been checked for alignment etc. Thank you

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