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    C220 204 heated seats / reverse parking camera

    Hi, I recently bought a 2013 (62 plate) c220d amg sport coupe and I was wondering if someone could please guide me to someone who fits reverse cameras so it comes up on the satnav screen? I added amg sport into the description because I was wondering if its possible to buy heated front...
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    Wiring for electric seats on ML

    Dear all, I have a couple of problems with the seats in my ML. I was told by the previous owner that she had unplugged the wiring for the heated seats which is under the seat. Try as I might I cannot find any disconnected wires under the seats. It's not easy to see so I might have missed...
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    Seat pads kaput

    Well it was nice that my R129 came back from the service today with the words "that's driving beautifully now" but sadly the word is the heated seat squabs need replacing and it's an expensive piece of kit. I may settle for a warm back from now on. Unless anyone has a cheap fix? Jon

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