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    CLS Heated Rear Window

    Hello, my first post! New Forum member with his first Mercedes, who's been looking through various threads from way back on various subjects, the people here seem to know a thing or two. Most refreshing! My heated rear window doesn't appear to work, the button indicator comes on for about 10...
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    W211 Heated Rear Window Question

    I have recently bought a 2008 W211 E-Class and have a question to put to other owners. I have been told and have read on forums that the top of the heated rear window is used as the radio aerial and isn't part of the heated rear window. But my question is, _exactly_ how many of the heater...
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    Mercedes CLK 200 (1999) - indicators and hazards and rear demist all not working

    My indicators do not work and nor do the hazards or rear heated window (latter two on same central consol one above the other) - does anyone have any ideas what is not working, and whether the heated rear window :(could be a related problem - they do seem to share fuses, which I have checked and...
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