1. K

    Hunting/Surging on Idle

    Hi everyone, I've got a Mercedes A180 2006 which has had a plethora of issues since purchase. Luckily, I have had these covered by warranty from the garage I bought it from else I'd be down the best part of £1,500 plus in repairs (bought it in April). Janis (after the lady Joplin) has had EGR...
  2. ThPadd

    W203 C220 Auto Box issue, easy change

    Okay guys I have been hunting online for the answer to this, but not found the answers, so any relevant experience appreciated. I have had my 06 C220 for a couple of years now and after sorting out various issues (track rod arm, front discs, tyres, unlocking), I now have just 2 niggles that...
  3. 4

    W204 C220 CDI Surging

    Hi all, wonder if anyone can provide any guidance on a small issue I have.. The car is a 57 plate C220 CDI Auto with 52k on the clock and on very light throttle loadings the revs start to surge up and down by around 150rpm which gives a mild kangaroo effect! It is the same with cruise on or...
  4. N

    w203 220 CDI hunting revs at various speeds

    Hi, I have a C Class W203 220CDI which has a habit of the revs hunting and fluctuating by about 200 revs, this happens at various speeds and revs. Any ideas what could be the cause of this, I've checked lots of threads but cannot find this particular fault. Its worse at around 70mph but will...
  5. G

    C36 "hunting"

    I have a 1995 (M reg) C36 AMG which "hunts" when started goes from 500-1200 rpm - pulsing. Any ideas for solution? Otherwises runs great

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