hybrid failure

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    C350e help car will start in hybrid mode but won’t go back

    Hi all new here I drive a 2016/66 plate c350e I baught the car a while back and since this problem has occurred it will start and drive in hybrid / e mode no problem but as soon as petrol engine kicks in I get malfunction warning and car will not go back into hybrid mode on diagnostic it sais...
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    C350 e hybrid 2016 battery range

    Hello everyone. I have just bought a used Mercedes-Benz c350 e plug-in hybrid. After being fully charged it shows range of 13-14 miles but while using it in the E mode the range quickly reduces and finishes in 4-5 miles or so. Is something wrong with my battery? Or someone else experiencing...
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    c300h hybrid system failure

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and looking for a bit of help. I took delivery of c300h estate back in August of this year. I love the car, but over the last six weeks or so the vehicle has been running less and less in hybrid mode, i.e. the engine was stopping less and less often when I took my...
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