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    W124 wagon SLS and cuting springs

    Hello :-) Just got my vert first mercedes, W124 230TE 1989. And planed to lower the car by cutting the springs, i know it is a bad idea, but my wallet won’t allow any lowering springs. But since the car has SLS i wounderd if that should be disabled somehow for the cuted spring to have any...
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    [Wanted] Hydraulic struc for boot floor board (W211)

    Hydraulic strut for boot floor board (W211) I need a replacement hydraulic strut for the rear-most boot floor board in my 2009 W211 estate, the part number is A2119801064. I have cracked the red plastic ball socket at the top so need to replace the whole unit unless anyone knows of a...
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    [Wanted] A Class Clutch Pipes

    Looking for the clutch pipes to finish my A160 ACS to pedal-clutch conversion. I have the pedal box and master cyl, now need the 2 pipes from master to slave cyl and reservoir to master....anyone?
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    ESP Leaks

    Have a 1999 CLK 320 with a leak on the esp/abs hydraulic block (003-431-24-120). The leak is on the back side toward the fender and coming from behind the plastic grommet. Is a kit available or do I have to replace the entire unit?
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    2003 SL500 ABS Failure - left side of car lopsided

    So I'm having some major issues with my ABS. I had MB in Buckhead look at it and do several fixes while it was under warranty but since the warranty expired, it's all crazy. Since I live and work downtown and my garage is at a strange angle, I need to have my car's "lifter" on all the time so...
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    Hydraulic oil level low - W124 E280 Estate

    Tonight I had a real 'bonding' night with my car. Whilst changing the light bulbs of my left headlight - a very annoying job on its own due to the hydraulic oil tank that's totally in the way (thanks Stuttgart) - I noticed that the tank for the 'Hydraulic Oil/Öl' was empty. Strange cause my...

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