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    I am new to this site and hope that I am providing this information in the correct area. I am located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I am the very fortunate owner of 2 MB autos. The first is my 1985 380 SL of which my father was the original owner. The car has been in my hands now for many...
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    CLK 207 cdi. How can I reset the immobilizer?

    Hi everyone!!! Few days ago I spent all the day out, driving around London and my car was working perfectly. When I return home, I parked it and after 1h I came back to my car. I used the key as normal to open it, then I turn on the lights. But, when I tried to start the engine... the car...
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    230 slk T reg automatic immobiliser/alarm

    The car belongs to my partner who didnt start it for a number of months.. I tried to recharge the battery to no avail so I bought and fitted a new one.(As an artist this is about as far as my mechanical skills go) Its now two weeks and I cant get this wonderful machine to start. These...

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