independent garage

  1. D

    Phoenix Car Works, Ashford

    Has anyone had any experience of using Phoenix Car Works near Ashford ( They say they're classic car and MB specialists. They seem like a relatively new indie in the Kent area and their website doesn't have an address or telephone number (although this can be...
  2. Dan Tanna

    Servicing - Garage Recommendation needed in Hampshire PO Area

    I have a B Service due on my C Class Coupe 250 AMG Line Premium Plus (2016) and the main dealers in Portsmouth and Chichester want well over £500 to do it. Can anyone recommend a good garage around the Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Horndean, Petersfield, Chichester and surrounding areas who I can...
  3. B

    Independent MB garage in the Greater Belfast area

    Hi, Anyone got any recommendations about garages in and around Belfast? I live about 10 miles south of it (a few miles outside Carryduff for those who know the area) but am happy to travel a little bit to get someone to do a good job. Saw an old thread about this but it was quite out of...
  4. S

    4 years old S320, Dealer Service or...?

    Hi All I am struggling with the old time problem -MB service+Stamped book or independent (saying) ex-MB mechanic. This is my 13th Mercedes and all the others were sold after 2 years and a new one replaced it. This S320 is 4 years old next month, only 17K miles and I may decide to run it to...
  5. J

    What is the benifit of using an Independent garage?

    I have a 3 year old E-class and am asking myself the question than many other owners must have asked themselves? Should I continue to use my very reliable main dealer or should I start using an independent garage? what are the pro's and con's? is it just cost?

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